Seed of a plan

since you rose at six,

rapidly rooted

at the breakfast you fix.

During day’s brightening,

Plan bloomed in your mind,

excited at fantasy scenario

you find.

Glorious lessons!  Fun!

The scene is just so!

Catching the tail of excitement,

to the store you will go!

Ideal motherhood, in these

complex, big times!

Everyone will be happy, obedient,

and kind!

But it’s found, in late night


with freshly bathed hair,

the scent of your baby

with a simple care.

You gave them cocoa

to chase nightmares,

and fear all away;

You both watch cartoons,

coffee helps greet the day.

Now, grand plans have their place,

and all are just fine,

but be thankful for simple,

unplanned close time.



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