I grew up on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, but moved away for 10 years. Those 10 years were spent in affluent multi-cultural cities that I loved, but they always felt temporary. I missed my sea and my people and never felt like I was ‘home’. The pull of my hometown grew stronger and eventually I settled back home where I belong.

Sadly, research has shown that the area I love so dearly  is the ‘Worst Place in Britain to Raise a Family.‘ This is due to factors such as high crime, low pay and less time spent with loved ones.  On paper it certainly reads like an undesirable location, but statistics don’t tell the whole truth. Statistics don’t describe the people and why they may have less time with family. I know those working long hours on minimum wage who don’t have much free time.  However, they’re doing the best they can to benefit loved ones…

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One thought on “A Scottish Christmas

  1. People often mistake monetary security with happiness and success. I once read a statement worth repeating, “I once knew a man that was SO POOR, the ONLY thing he had was MONEY!”
    This post clearly shows the meaning of REAL WEALTH from a HUMAN model. Thank you for sharing.

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