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How we treat each other is an interesting concept.  Last night, I heard my aunt was resuscitated by her daughter who perceived that she had trouble breathing. She lived (thank Goodness).  My boyfriend got served yesterday by another ex-girlfriend who is jealous of him eventhough he has earnestly tried to work things out.  On Wednesday, someone blessed me with a new pair of Rx glasses.  I wear Prada frames and cannot afford to replace them. I need glasses to drive at night.  This morning, I overheard an employee saying she was going to sue the building because she tripped over a rug in the lobby.  The assistant building engineer always yells at me (because he is rude and I’m a female) but today I yelled back. Not actually yelled but yelled my answer. I now understand that he yells when he communicates, who knew?  As angry…

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