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Greetings, bloggers and poets!

Welcome to this month’s “A Favorite Poem” issue. Today, I’ll be sharing with you a recent discovery that has since touched me in both uncertain and certain ways.

What do I mean by this? In other words, this poem by Bangladeshi-American poet Tarfia Faizullah still remains a mystery to me, although with each read I seem to understand it a bit more. I encourage you to read it for yourself:

The Poem You’ve Been Waiting For (by Tarfia Faizullah)

I saw then the white-eyed man
leaning in to see if I was ready

yet to go where he has been waiting
to take me. I saw then the gnawing

sounds my faith has been making
and I saw too that the shape it sings

in is the color of cast-iron mountains
I drove so long to find I forgot I had

been looking for them, for…

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