All About Healthy Choices

Media-thanks-corporate-media-for-helping-control-the-people-e1391623042325Most people are familiar with recognizing cardiac conditions, thyroid conditions, cancer, stroke and obesity (recently included) as diseases. Orthorexia Nervosa (Clean Eating) is the latest “disease” making headline news throughout the world. First, diagnosed in 1997, Clean Eating has become identified as a psychological eating disorder capable of destroying lives. Should this “disease” raise any red flags and encourage us to re-evaluate how we view food? As serious as this disorder can become, it is simply another example of radical behavior. I have written many articles on various health topics. Every single one has called for an approach that seeks BALANCE in achieving good health.

title-slidecroplife-talkfeb-2013I am greatly concerned this recently highly advertised “disease” will fuel the media and giant manufacturers of unhealthy products to convince the consumer that Clean Eating is dangerous. Marketing and advertising are very powerful tools used to manipulate the consumer into believing distortions of so…

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