Sarah and I hung out in the secret spot by Mommy’s rosebushes. It was time for our secret garden club. Grown-ups were too big for it. I had a little spade with a light brown handle and green shovel part. Sarah had a shiny silver one. We dug by the bushes, but not too close to them. We did’t want to kill the roses. The soft pink color they had was too pretty.

I sang a pirate song as we dug in the black dirt. I heard it on a Disney show. Disney has shows with lots of pretend stuff, like flying people and pirates and stuff.

Sarah doesn’t really watch T.V. She likes to play outside. When she comes over, that’s what we do. I tried to teach her the pirate song, but she kept forgetting parts. I sang it loud, but not too loud. Otherwise, people would hear our secret club, and try to be in it.

When Sarah was digging, she squished her brown eyebrows together. She has hair that is brown like a tree branch. It is always braided, with ribbons from the top of the braid to the bottom. Her eyes are blue and shiny. Mine are a mud and green color. My hair is the color of the top of a battery. People always tell me it’s pretty. Well, not my brother. He tells me I’m ugly and can park a car on my forehead.

I wish my mom would buy me ribbons and let me grow my hair long. She makes it as long as my shoulders. She said she isn’t dealing with my tangles in the morning.
I looked back at the grass, and wiggled the shovel a little, trying to get into deeper dirt. Sarah suddenly gave this excited kind of breath.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“I found treasure!”
“Pretend treasure?”
“No, it’s real.”
“Let me see it.”
“Don’t take it, though.”
She opened her hand. Her palm was really dirty, and there were some little rocks mixed in. I saw something that looked dull, but still was some kind of jewelry.
I made my voice whisper,

“Do you think that is the secret garden treasure? Maybe we can turn it in for a reward! Or sell it for a gazillion dollars and buy lots of candy with it.”
She looked at me, and she whispered, too.
“We have to give it to other people, too. God said so.”
“I didn’t hear that in the Bible. Are you sure? Maybe he just wants us to be rich!”
“We should share, still.”
“Ok, we will sell this treasure and share the money with poor people. Oh, and poor animals, too.”
“That’s an good idea.”
I scratched a bug bite on my knee. “Yeah.”
I looked where she was digging. “Maybe if we dig more we can find more treasure.”


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