All About Healthy Choices

McDonald's smallerHow many times have you been told to eat in moderation only to walk away having NO IDEA what moderation means!? Is it based on your:

  • height and weight?

  • health?

  • age?

Let’s create some foundational components to create meaning and understanding to the concept “eating in moderation.”

(1) 80%/20% RULE(relaxed moderation)or 90%/10% RULE(strict moderation):

Based on your level of REALITY, you should eat between 80% to 90% HEALTHY and 10% to 20% on choices that satisfy comfort desires. This provides a method that satisfies the body’s physical  NEEDS with the brain’s emotional WANTS. How do we define HEALTHY EATING? These are REAL FOODS with LIMITED or NO PROCESSING involved. Examples of these foods would include:

  • beef, chicken, pork, fish,

  • vegetables, {including whole potatoes (white and sweet) a couple of times/week}

  • fruits

  • beans /// grains (such as lentils, black beans, pinto beans, /// quinoa, millet…

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