He got up ‘way too early,

but still got there late,

forgot to put his tie on,

and his presentation’s date.


He had to work through lunchtime,

with the boss’ constant calls;

trapped with merciless ticking clock,

and barren white walls.


He worked an hour over,

grabbed more work for him to take,

when, exhausted, he got home,

to his daughter’s mud cake.


At first he puzzled over it,

until she told him why,

she’d made cake for him,

so he wouldn’t cry.


Mommy said your day was bad,

so I worked really hard.

It was raining just a little,

When I was in the yard.


So I wanted to make you happy,

your day less sad for you,

I started to make a cupcake,

and somehow it grew.


Now, daddy won’t you taste it?

please don’t cry!

He thought of work and stress,

and now remembered why-


He did what he did.



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