All About Healthy Choices

quotescover-JPG-18We take it for granted when a doctor tells us anything, the words are written in “stone.” As a doctor with over 20 years of experience, the truth is we make mistakes. A good doctor uses every source available (when indicated) in diagnosing and recommending any treatment plan. They are open minded and good listeners to their patients. They work with their patients to help them achieve the quality of health they desire. A good doctor recognizes his or her limitations and assists their patients in coordinated care (with other doctors or health care professionals) when necessary to maximize results. Egos and insecurities are left outside the facility they work at.

The patient also has responsibilities in this relationship. They need to be honest and realistic. They need to ask questions if they are unclear about their condition. Every patient should be able to leave their doctor’s office knowing their

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  1. Hopefully, as people become more aware that doctors are mortal people capable of making the same mistakes as any other person, they recognize the value in taking greater responsibility in their health and the decisions determining their outcomes.


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