All About Healthy Choices

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When I think about my health care education several words come to mind. They include:

  • science

  • anatomy and physiology

  • analysis

  • pathology

  • disease

  • diagnosis

  • treatment

All of these words were part of an excellent education that taught me the science of health care. They provided basic skills to evaluate TANGIBLE conditions with treatment protocols that followed algorithms usually resulting in satisfactory patient outcomes. We were taught to rely on this education for the definitive ANSWERS designed to solve the problems our patients came to us with.


As the years went by, clinical experience created insight that improved my skills to diagnose the patient often before an exam was even performed. I knew that 50 year old Mrs. “X” who was overweight, sedentary and ate an unhealthy diet complaining of numbness and pain in her feet was likely experiencing diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain.) I knew that 60 year old Mr. “Y” who…

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