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Sometimes, I feel as if my imperfections dominate my entire being.  Questioning every decision, every action. (Sigh) It can be quite exhausting.  I also, often get weary with the taunting of waiting.  Waiting for change, waiting for the sun to shine, for the silver lining to make sense of it all.  So, I decided to share this poem in case others can relate.

Cracked & flawed am I, not by any means perfect

I fall & stumble…I ache when wounded.

I bellow out my worrisome woes,

My hurts, disappointments & fears…

The numerous sleepless nights, drowned in a pillow of tears

How long, how long I plea…

Must I endure the stress & strain of my agony

Like a bird with tattered wings I fly,

Lost in the sea of clouds that have overtaken the sky

Longing for the peace & rest that has gone askew…

The solace, strength…

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