Rags for Riches

Preaching is serious business. So is listening to a sermon. For those of us who take preaching seriously as it should be taken, there is sometimes the desire to evaluate the sermon. Sermon evaluation is not necessarily a bad thing. There are indeed good reasons and ways to do so. I do believe that a preacher must always be striving toward improving his preaching. It is a good thing to read books and blogs; and have conversations with fellow preachers on the task of preaching. However, in this post, I would like to give some reasons to not evaluate the sermon itself. At the outset I must note that the type of preaching I am speaking of is doctrinally sound, expository preaching. If someone is not faithfully preaching the Word, they should be evaluated and confronted appropriately. But for those who are faithful…

  1. A sermon is not a speech to…

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