sprinkle of thoughts

“There’s always that one stupid mistake that changes everything”.

My meeting was at 5pm and I got there by 4pm. I was sitting in a corner and breathing real hard. This was a great step for me, considering everything at hand at the moment. I was shaking, barely breathing yet my posture was relaxed. I didn’t want to raise any eyebrows. I was so scared, what could really happen after this meeting? What will become of me? How will I possibly manage all the engagements am about taking? This is a contract, no mere talk…its freaking serious…

I then realized something… I MESSED UP BIG TIME😥…I thought my decisions were just about me but no…I dragged everyone into this mess, my mess. I hurt those I loved and myself in the process. I fought with my love ones, cried heavily, had sleepless nights and it was just an awful…

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