Truth, Fact, and Fiction

how-to-writeGood writing shows rather than tells. Good description is the means by which writers do the showing.

Verbs and nouns, as I will explain a bit later, can be descriptive too, but our main descriptors are the adjective and adverbs.

Today I’m going to show you how to use these words properly.


Or, in the case of adverbs, how to seek and destroy them.

Adverbs are words which modify a verb. Basically, anything that ends with -ly. Although I suppose some -ly words are adjectives too, but don’t use -ly words even if they are adjectives.

For example, let’s examine a sentence: “He chuckled grimly in the dank chamber.”

A very bad sentence. We’ve established that all adverbs are bad, so lets get rid of the -ly adverb and see what we get. For practicality’s sake, I’m going to call the character in the sentence Stan, even though I’ll…

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