The Second Most Interesting Woman in the World

Recently, I was commenting on the MMSL Forum Men’s clothing thread about color analysis. Several men asked for more info, and so not to be too off-topic there, I’m posting it here. Welcome, MMSL friends! Readers who don’t know about Athol Kay and the MMSL forum, check it out for relationship advice and self-improvement tips.

This post will be the “elevator pitch” version of color analysis, aimed at men who want to look good but don’t want to bother much about clothes and shopping. I’ll include references at the end for anyone who wants to learn more.

28 December 2015: I’ve revised this post a bit to answer some questions, include better photos, and simplify the Find Your Colors section.

What is Color Analysis?

Man in bad and good color shirts Can you see that one shirt makes this man look better?

Ever notice that some people look great in some colors, but look awful in colors…

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