Memory can Photoshop,

Zoom in details-

Heart quickens approaching

Places that enaminated warmth,

Affection for me;

Times where hearts were drawn together

Through comfortable words.

It had it’s own cloud to envelope me,

Now as I arrive, the cloud has been surgically removed, a coldness


No longer the smell of old french fries and coffee.



Cry for renewal

Heady vows,

joyful commitment

made only a decade ago;

forgotten so fast.

My piano cries to an empty room,

searing pain in the chest

coupled with fear

of the self-reliance

I abandoned so long ago.



Patchwork, irregular cloth

Silken, or coarse feel

Woven together, a life.

Angles and rounded fingers

Stroke, clutch, gather scraps-

Eyes squeezed shut, pinched tears leak through.



My Selfish Identity

Uplifted ego

chest puffed,

smirk of

bolstered self-esteem;

individual, I crow,

I’m an individual-

claim a desire to stay disconnected from

unity and community,

but acts characterized;

wear my niche

as my identity,


like a poncho in it’s comfort.


Scarlet leaves, scarlet palm;

Blows away, my healing balm.

Asks my heart, all my mind;

Loyalty, He wants to find.

If He asked for things eternally,

in the right,

Gave His heart to me.


Plump, jovial second -grader

With pink face and shining eyes

Words pinch, click, break the skin

Raw Smile, wave at everyone and no one

.Heart hammering walking home

Death grip on books.

Tears free at home,

Mother asks whatever is the matter-

Explanations met with a bewildered nod.Well, everyone goes through this; it will be better when you are older.

Parroting past advice, though it’s not entirely true;

She herself can be triggered to rage

Where she thought she was dead inside, therefore strong.

Callused herself a long time ago, dead stone

Her fortress

Where compassion died off.