Not a sepia tone cameo,

fading thought-

aging beige and rose-pink china

webbed with strings of

lulling sentimentality.

Instead, pearlescent path marked

out in the world’s moonlight,


formed by tears and prayer.


Human bonds

Humans as individuals are strange,

back-biting, flaming orange hate,

sword flying from tongues,

shredding character and motives;

until there is a common enemy,

then friendships form-

solidify in unity;


and kumbaya.


Hebrews 13:5 Promise

When I stand, won’t be alone

can’t feel you in this sphere;

when the barbs

are from my friends,

I’m quaking in my fear.

You won’t leave me

in the fire

in spite of hollow aches inside.

I am not alone,

your light I will not hide.







turn on the microscope,



watch my ruminations,


thoughts in their sideways ferris wheels-

race, dart,

in mirror upon mirror

upon mirror.

Ashamed to admit

that malice stabbed my heart,

when I see them standing there,

all my judgements start;

Say kind words, but angry

because they hurt me bad;

when I see retribution come,

I’m secretly glad.

Think God is getting back at them,

but what I can’t see;

God loves my enemies

as much as He loves me.


Strange sense of loyal kinship

pervades human nature;

where, arms linked, faces flint-

they gossip,  rail against a common enemy.

Dysfunction of a family

rallies together in pains and cruelties,

yet will not care with an everyday sense of

brotherly love.


Gold beams cut through darkness

didn’t know I was in-

can see where I was,

entangled in sin.

So this is the mountain?

Effortless love,

Never felt this before

warmth spreading,

awake in my core.

So this is the mountain…

So this is the mountain,

a new light in my eyes-

what they call mountain

new peace inside.

My life was a valley,

joy and light now within;

expression of love,

not alone in my sin.

I think I could stay on this mountain forever.


Authenticity coupled with wisdom,

windows inside, choose selective


of your open, magnified soul;

even if you use quartz to

maximize it.

Some result in intimacy

some lead to a rift,

a pack of rabid dogs

tear, run to bring others in the